In Kindergarten, students can learn academic subject contents and achieve the goals
and learning expectations for this level through both languages (English and Portuguese).          

Our curriculum is based on the Brazilian common core established for all schools
(BNCC) and the program structure is organized in content area experiences. This
program model is grounded in not separating the school subjects in Kindergarten,
what is much more effective to the children learning process.

​This program structure provides a very specific planning in order to organize the
educational environment related to the learning process and the child development.
This model is scaffolded in five content areas in which the learning expectations are
defined in both languages of instruction (English and Portuguese).  

The school subjects and the content areas intentionally integrated to the student’s
real-life aspects in the program curriculum in English and Portuguese based on a class
planning that requires different kinds of activities and strategies.
The Kindergarten program structure also provides opportunities in which students can
learn and share human values through specific orientation according to their grade

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