9th grade to 12th grade

The High School International Program provides meaningful learning experiences and great opportunities to the students’ academic success.
The AmericanEdu educational staff and the ASI teachers guide and monitor the
students development offering continuous support and appropriate assessment to guarantee their academic achievements.   

All aspects of the High School Program are focused on providing high-quality education and solid competences to the students’ academic and future professional life by crediting them a dual high school diploma accepted both in Brazil and United States of America.

Taking part in a High School Program that is accepted all over the world is an
advantage to the students who can have more opportunities in their academic lives
when applying to great Universities in Brazil and other countries. Furthermore, the
International Dual Diploma gives the students more opportunities  to achieve success
in their professional careers.

In Project Based Learning and Blended Learning classes approach, the students use a
platform provided by ASI to access the American credits content and all the
assignments they have to conclude in order to get the dual diploma.
The program recruits and retains high-quality dual language educators who encourage
a positive educational and sociocultural environment collaborating with the students

Sugestão de horas dos créditos por série: 

The Advantages School International is the American institution that accredits our
program. ASI is fully accredited with AdvancED, the largest internationally recognized
accreditation bureau in the world.


The Advantages School International Diploma is fully accredited in the United States
of America and all over the world. The students can apply to colleges and universities
worldwide. Additionally, The Advantages School International Diploma gives the
students an advantage when applying to the University of Nevada.

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