International Education Solution



AmericanEdu respects the school partners values and offers solutions to build a
multicultural environment for the students where the two languages, Portuguese and
English, coexist to develop the language proficiency, the competence to consider
linguistic contrasts and the cultural diversity. These are crucial competences to the
student´s; future and career.

We offer each school partner  a specific project considering its characteristics. The
project is designed by our team based on the information we collect from the school
board in our visits and meetings in order to offer an effective solution to fulfill the
partners needs and expectations.



Our mission is to offer a solution to provide an international curriculum so that the
school can extend its possibilities and promotes not only immersion in the second
language to the students, but also the skills and competences so that they can develop
cross-cultural attitudes and conquer the dual diploma by the end of the program.

Brazilian and American curriculum are integrated to the school educational vision



In the international program, the students access all the academic content on a platform provided by an American educational institution and acquire the second language through blended learning strategies.

Once the schools implement the international program, they create an environment where students acquire the second language through content instruction and cultural diversity.

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In Kindergarten, students can learn academic subject contents and achieve the goals and learning expectations ...          

The program planning provides opportunities to practice the second language in contextualized situations which are appropriate for the students to understand the language functions ....

All aspects of the High School Program are focused on providing high-quality education and solid competences to the students’ academic and future professional life by crediting them a dual high school diploma ...  


In Brazil, AmericanEdu has solid educational institutions partnerships managing international programs through blended learning and teacher professional development committed to a vision focused on dual language education and students’
academic achievement.


Katia Martinho

Katia has a degree in Business Administration, Master and Post-Masters in Education
from PUC-SP University. She has over 20 years of experience as a school principal with
the responsibility of  implementing and managing the bilingual curriculum in brazilian
Katia represents the ASI as a reseller in Brazil offering an international curriculum for
Brazilian Schools and her responsibilities include the management support and
business strategies orientation for the school partnership.

Adriana Campos

Carolina has over 15 years of  experience in bilingual and international education. She was
responsible for implementing and coordinating the international curriculum from preschool to high school programs. Carolina has a degree in Languages with a large experience in teaching
english as a second language. She is the bilingual and international coordinator in AmericanEdu where she provides all the pedagogical support for our school partnerships during the program
implementation process. Additionally, Carolina is responsible for providing training and professional development to all the teachers and educators in the international program.

Karin Martinho

Karin has a degree in Phonoaudiology from PUC-SP.

She is responsible for the school and parent’s effective communication at Colegio Magister. 
She is also responsible for creating awareness of the institution’s mission.  In AmericanEdu she is in charge of the Marketing Department.

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